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SImone has always held a passionate belief that where people understand themselves,  and lead their environment, they will succeed in achieving their dream. She is immensely proud of  the team at Strategic Awareness. Each and every one of whom have travelled significantly, not only on their own personal leadership journeys but also in helping, supporting and accompanying many customers along their own sometimes difficult, but always exciting paths to success. Their commitment to the customer and team colleagues is beyond reproach.


Strategic Awareness is her second start up business and she  has had the privilege of working  with leaders and teams across the world in various business sectors, supporting  them in their wider business visions, specific team ambitions and their personal aspirations.  She is still in contact with many of those from the early days. She took her Masters in Psychological Assessment in Organisations concurrent with setting up her first business, to complement her absolute conviction that motivation is personal, difficult to understand and absolutely essential to reach.


Making a difference matters. Problems are simply challenges for people to find incredible solutions to solve and the greatest opportunities for innovation lie with us when we are facing the greatest difficulty! We have, in our business the great privilege of meeting amazing people with amazing stories, and working with them to support them on their fascinating and individual journeys to success. Every individual’s Mount Everest is a different height, weight and challenge to others...with each and all of them being valid, valuable and worth celebration! 


Outside of the work she enjoys running and cycling, and spending time with family and friends

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